Run for Parrequená, Guatemala

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Saturday, June 17th 2017 @ 9am

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Event Sponsors

Special Thanks to

HSBC Bank Canada, Fresii (Broadway Tech Centre), Starbucks (Broadway Tech Centre)


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  5. Fundraise $500 and we will hold a shirt for you!

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Event Chair: RunForH2O Vancouver

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June 17th 2017 @9AM

June 16th 2017 @9AM

Along the shores of the Fraser River and through the beauty of some of South Vancouver and Burnaby’s trails and parks, this 10K course promises a scenic run! Starting in Riverfront Park in Vancouver, the route heads east along North Fraser Way, through the picturesque Glenlyon Urban Trail, and loops west along the shoreline of the Fraser River back to the finish line at Riverfront Park.  The route consists of mostly paved walkways with part gravel trail and few inclines. It is a great path for the whole family to run, jog, or walk. There will be water and first aid stations along the route, as well as race marshals to answer any questions you may have and guide you along the way.


  • Register by April 17 – $25
  • Register by May 29 – $30
  • Register by June 15 – $35
  • Register on June 17th – $40
  • $5 Discount for Groups for 4 and more
  • $5 Discount for Ages 18 and Under

Join us for a beautiful 5K loop through South Vancouver and Burnaby by running, walking, skipping, or dancing! It’s up to you! This route starts in Riverfront Park in Vancouver, heads west along East Kent Avenue South, makes a turn by Gladstone Park, and loops back along Riverwalk Avenue where you will reach back to the finish line at Riverfront Park.

Whether 5K is easy or a daunting new challenge for you, you will love the run along this flat, scenic route. The route is part paved walkway and part gravel park trail, with water stations and friends to cheer you on along the way. Strollers and pets are all welcome.


  • Register by April 17 – $25
  • Register by May 29 – $30
  • Register by June 15 – $35
  • Register on June 17th – $40
  • $5 Discount for Groups for 4 and more
  • $5 Discount for Ages 18 and Under

Little ones and the young at heart can join in on the fun through our 1K Kids Fun Run.
The route starts at riverfront park along the waterway heads along the shoreline and makes a loop around back to the finish line. This route sits right in the heart of riverfront park where parents and friends can cheer on the kids along the entire course.

Help your kids learn that big or small, they can make a real difference for kids just like them around the world. We didn’t have a Kids Run in 2013, but read about 22-month old Natallie who joined the race last year. By sharing her story and inviting friends to help, Natallie raised $300 and helped three kids in Guatemala have clean water for the rest of their lives! And, when all was said and done, it was a lot of fun!


Cost: FREE

We also have a special 50M Toddler Dash across the field at Riverfront Park for our smallest runners – seeing the finish line from the beginning will make it easier to make it to the end!

This route will take place in the main area of the Run for H2O event along the grass where you can watch and cheer on your little one. Help your kids learn that big or small, they can make a real difference for kids just like them around the world.

Cost: FREE

Do I have to run to fundraise?

We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for people to contribute to this event and so, it is not mandatory to run in order to fundraise.

Do you have any age limits for the runs?

We are not strict on age limits, but we do have recommendations.

  1. Seniors, adults, and kids are all welcome to join our 10km and 5km routes.
  2. For the Kid’s run, we have a recommended age of 13 and under.
  3. For the Toddler dash, we recommend ages 3 and under.

Where do all the registration fees go?

Part of the registration fees goes to Running Room to cover their overhead, the rest of it sent from Running Room to HOPE.

The remainder of the fees are used to help with the expenses involved with the run. But because of HOPE’s commitment to maintaining low administration costs we don’t get to use all of it.

This gives the leadership team and extra challenge and makes us heavily dependant on our generous sponsors and donors who commit to paying for our expenses directly!

I qualify for a FREE entry, but I already paid. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we can’t do refunds.

Running room and credit card companies charge a fee for processing refunds. Our event has a very lean operating so we just can’t absorb these fees!

Thank you for your understanding and supporting the Gwatermala campaign!

I changed my mind, can I change my run distance on the event day?

Yes! As long as you are for the 10km or 5km you are welcome to change your running distance at any time. You do not need to notify us for this.

Event Details


Closest address
2950 East Kent Ave S, Vancouver, BC V5S

The Run For H2O takes place at Riverfront Park in South Vancouver, on E Kent Ave S between Kerr St and Jellicoe St. Please note that searching Riverfront Park on Google Maps may take you to the wrong location; use the address above to navigate.

Site Map

A Sustainability Fair

How can we waste what others don’t have? This is exactly why we strive to make the event more sustainable each year and also promote sustainable living in Vancouver.

This year we are more than just a clean water running event for Guatemala. At the event site you will have the opportunity to learn about recycling, food preservation, water conservation urban farming and much more.

Here are some of the booths you can look forward to on the day of the event:

Water Projects That Work - HOPE International

HOPE International Development Agency, our supporting charity will share their sustainable methods in managing the Guatemalan water projects.

Visit HOPE’s Website

Hate Water - Food-Connections

Elaine Cheng of Food Connections will teach you how to preserve your foods and reduce your food wastes at her booth.

Learn more about Food Connections

Too Fast Fashion? - Nichi Designs

Visit Nichi Design and learn about impact of our fashion industry to our world.

Be The Change Earth Alliance

Learn about sustainability in our local community at their booth!

For more information about Be The Change Earth Alliance, visit their website:

How Are We Being Sustainable?

All of us volunteers love the environment, hates waste and care about those who lack the basic necessities. We do our best to make the event as sustainable as we are able to. No, we are not perfect at it, but it’s a vision we are taking steps towards. Here are some of the things we are doing:

Want to help? Volunteer for the run and help us be more green!

Promotional Materials


We use to hand out postcards now we reduced it to mini-book marks that is half the size of a business card! It’s very difficult for us to get rid of everything tangible, we learned that people still prefers something that they can hold on to as a reminder.


We are still using the same posters we printed 2 years ago! We just print out an overlay that covers the old text and date then glue it on. Works like a charm!

Digital Race Package

We’ve gone digital! No more printing schedules and flyers. Everything about the run will be emailed to our runners before the event.

  • Reduced amount of paper printed
  • Challenged sponsors to provide digital content
  • No plastic bags!

Event Schedule

8:00–8:30 am Registration, Package pickup

8:30–9:00 am Welcome

9:00–9:30 am Zumba Warm Up & Booths Open

9:30 am 10km Run

9:45 am 5km Run/Walk

10:45 am Zumba Cooldown

11:00 am Early cheque announcement

11:15 am 1KM Kids Race

11:30 am 50M Toddler Dash

12:00 pm Closing Remarks, Cheque, and Prizes


Event Info


Remember to allow extra time to find parking and the event location! Please park along SE Marine Drive and walk down to Riverfront Park. Please be kind to our neighbours by not parking on E Kent Ave S or E Kent Ave N.

Bag Check

There will be a tent for bag check that participants can use for free.

Race Timing

There will be a clock available at the start line. Participants are also asked to download the RunGo app. We are committed to keeping our event a cost-effective fundraiser and fun run and will not have individual chip timers.

Event T-Shirts

In our ongoing effort to reduce waste we are limiting the number of shirts we will have this year. Priority will go to fundraisers and those who register early!

Are strollers and dogs allowed?

Yes, strollers are more than welcome for the 5km family race/walk and dogs are also permitted so long as owners are respectful and clean up after them. 🙂

Is there child care?

Although we will try our best to bring out activities for children and manage the crowd, there will be no official volunteers available at this time to manage children directly.  Please take this into consideration.

What happens if it rains?

We run ‘for’ H2O not ‘away’! A little shower won’t stop our great cause! Please dress appropriately for the day.

However, in the event of an emergency or if weather will pose a threat to the public we will contact you and let you know the details

We look forward to seeing you!

Is food provided?

Light refreshments will be provided and available for runners and volunteers. There will only be a limited quantity available as these are all donations from our sponsors.

Wings Outdoor Grill will be have their food truck on location for lunch options!

How do I get my Run Package?

Run Package Pick-Up Date – 4 to 6 pm, Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Remember to pick up your run package so you can be prepared!

Your package can be picked up at:

  • Running Room Market Crossing
  • 7382 Market Crossing, Burnaby, BC V5J 0A2

If you cannot pick it up yourself, the run package will be available for pick up on the day of the event as well; please note that there is only 1 package per person.

What kind of booths will be at the run?

In addition to the Sustainability Fair booths, we also have a number of fun booths!

  • The food tents will have fruits and granola bars for runners and their families;
  • DanZa Productions will have a massage booth run by donation;
  • The Children’s tent for kids crafts and superhero transformations;
  • David’s Tea will be giving out samples;
  • Wings Outdoor Grill will be on location for lunch options;  and
  • Fraser Land’s Church will have a photo-booth.

Vancouver Statistics

$ Raised

Lead Volunteer Organizers

Royce Sin

Royce Sin

Campaign Director, 3rd Year

Why volunteer? Because we can help change people's lives.

Lance Quan

Lance Quan

Hamster in a Wheel, 3rd Year Running

Why volunteer? Because of the people, always.

Jen Chiang

Jen Chiang

Project Manager, 2nd year

Water sustainability tip: Turn off the tap and shower when you're not actually rinsing!

Jenn Lee

Jenn Lee

Project Manager, 1st year working with the run!

Water sustainability tip: Drink beer! Also, saving rain water and using that to water your plants instead of using clean water.

Judy Ban

Judy Ban

Project Manager, 2nd year with the team

"The future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow."

Karl Chen

Karl Chen

Co-Event Day Manager, 1st Year

I'm a BCIT Marketing Student and avid chicken nugget eater.

Miranda Cho

Miranda Cho

Run Logistics, 3rd Year

"Winners are not those who never fail, but those who never give up."

Nicole Fong

Nicole Fong

Sponsorship Director, 3rd Year

You can find me at the yoga studio doing downward dog or at a gym dodging balls left and right.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers that helped organize the event!

Joyce Garces, Anne-Marie Espiritu, Kara Markine, Kristen Beaudoin, Grace Kai, Demi Wang, Amanda Wu, Alicia Lam, Peter Hunt